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The McConnaughy Difference:

26 years of tax resolution know-how

Insider's knowledge of IRS tactics

Master's Degree in Taxation

Knowledge constantly updated

Three guarantees that you'll be satisfied

Three important intangibles

Honest, responsible, skilled tax resolution services at a cost anyone can afford.


Department of Treasure
Internal Revenue Service

Release of Levy

(David & Nancy)

<-----I can do this for you too!

Under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code section 6343, all wages, salary and other income now owed to or becoming payable to the taxpayer(s) names above are released from the levy.

Offer in Compromise


<---------Put your name right here!

We have accepted your offer in compromise signed and dated by you on (DATE). The date of acceptance is the date of this letter.

Pay When Able


<------------If you're retired on SS,
you probably won't ever pay!

We have noted your account that you're currently unable to pay your total balance or to make installment payments. You may make payments as you are able.

Installment Agreement


<----------------Well within his budget!

We've accepted your offer for an Installment Agreement. The agreement covers the tax period(s) shown above. Please make your first payment of $50.00.

Innocent Spouse


<---------------Innocent spouse, over
$25,000 taxes forgiven!

You are also entitled to equitable relief of liability under Section 6015(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of the tax that was not paid with the filed tax return(s).

Decreased Lien


<--------Saved him over $200,000!

...updated the amount of the Notice of Federal Tax Lien, from $215,881.92 to the decreased amount...of $11,491.93.
Tax Relief Services

"...our deepest appreciation...
for your wonderful help"

Dear Sir,
This letter is to extend our deepest appreciation for your invaluable services in regard to our daughter’s difficulty with the IRS. Because of your intervention, the IRS settled for about twenty percent. We thank you for your wonderful help. You are very efficient, professional, and considerate. Also, I think your fee was very fair considering all the work you performed for us. Because of your help our daughter can now get on with her life in a normal fashion, something that would have been impossible without your help.
Robert, CA
"We got out lives back, thanks to Bill."

To Whom It May Concern,
Bill McConnaughy is a man of his word. We had the unfortunate experience of being audited by the IRS and the state of California. Those audits left us in enormous debt to the government with no prospect of being able to pay, even in installments. My husband and I were contemplating closing our business, our health was declining under stress of losing our livelihood—we felt hopeless. Because of the liens on our bank accounts and our home, our plight was public knowledge. We received several letters from accountants offering their services, but Bill's really touched my husband right away. Bill did exactly what he said he would. He helped to get an Offer in Compromise accepted not only by the IRS, but by the state of California, too. We now feel hopeful because in two years our debt will be paid. We got our lives back, thanks to Bill.
Mr. and Mrs. Hill, CA
"...I would like to help others...
by advising them to seek your assistance."

Dear Bill,
Thank you for the help you provided me in my Offer in Compromise with the IRS. As you know, my debt to the IRS was well over $50,000. But with your help and guidance the IRS accepted my offer of total payment in full in the amount of $2,503! I could not have achieved this without your help and will forever be grateful to you and your staff. I would like to somehow help others in my same situation by advising them to seek your assistance. The amount your office charges is so inconsequential in comparison to the large amounts we were facing with the government. Your previous employment with the IRS has certainly been an asset to you and to me. I never thought our offer would be accepted, but you knew different and you were right! I can get married now. I never would have subjected my girlfriend (now fiancée) to my debt and liens. But now those clouds over my head are gone and I/we can lead a normal life!
Debt and Lien-Free
Timothy, AZ

"...settling for pennies on the dollar."

Dear Bill,

Just a letter to commend you and your staff for your professional and effective assistance in resolving tax disputes and settling past due taxes for pennies on the dollar. I will continue to refer clients to you without reservation.
Attorney, OR
In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, we would like to make you aware of the following: The testimonials and/or case studies displayed throughout this website are given verbatim except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened where the testimonial and/or case study was lengthy or portions were repetitive. The testimonials and/or case studies thoughout this site are actually received from our customers. They are individual on each customer's situation and cooperation.

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