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The McConnaughy Difference:

26 years of tax resolution know-how

Insider's knowledge of IRS tactics

Master's Degree in Taxation

Knowledge constantly updated

Three guarantees that you'll be satisfied

Three important intangibles

Honest, responsible, skilled tax resolution services at a cost anyone can afford.


Department of Treasure
Internal Revenue Service

Release of Levy

(David & Nancy)

<-----I can do this for you too!

Under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code section 6343, all wages, salary and other income now owed to or becoming payable to the taxpayer(s) names above are released from the levy.

Offer in Compromise


<---------Put your name right here!

We have accepted your offer in compromise signed and dated by you on (DATE). The date of acceptance is the date of this letter.

Pay When Able


<------------If you're retired on SS,
you probably won't ever pay!

We have noted your account that you're currently unable to pay your total balance or to make installment payments. You may make payments as you are able.

Installment Agreement


<----------------Well within his budget!

We've accepted your offer for an Installment Agreement. The agreement covers the tax period(s) shown above. Please make your first payment of $50.00.

Innocent Spouse


<---------------Innocent spouse, over
$25,000 taxes forgiven!

You are also entitled to equitable relief of liability under Section 6015(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of the tax that was not paid with the filed tax return(s).

Decreased Lien


<--------Saved him over $200,000!

...updated the amount of the Notice of Federal Tax Lien, from $215,881.92 to the decreased amount...of $11,491.93.

"Wow. Thank you so much for everything. I can really appreciate a true professional like yourself and the McConnaughy staff. Thank you so much for everything. William, Don, and you deserve a medal for your work. I finally have peace and harmony back in my life."

Kevin B.
Tax Relief Services

Now You CAN Fight Back!

"The IRS Has The Full Weight Of The
Federal Government Behind Them…"

Who Do You Have?

No-Nonsense CPA & Former IRS Revenue Officer

Stops The IRS In Their Tracks

No Matter How Serious
Your Current Tax Situation

More Tax Relief Info Vuer

Dear Prospective Client:

Let's be frank: If you've landed here, the IRS is starting to make your life a living hell.

Delinquency notices, penalties, threats, demands, out and out harassment… when it comes to squeezing you dry, IRS collection agents are masters. It seems no matter what you do or say, it's impossible to reason with them.

But you no longer have to be the helpless victim. If you want your tax problem to go away...and stay me.

I Will Stop The IRS In Its Tracks. Period.

My name is Bill McConnaughy. With 26 years in this business I know how difficult your circumstances can get...

  • Is your marriage or health suffering as a result of tax problems?
  • Have you lost credit privileges because of back taxes?
  • Are you suffering the embarrassment of wage garnishment?
  • Are you reaching the mental breaking point over your tax problems?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I can get the IRS off your back - and you back to a normal life - I guarantee it.

What separates my practice from the rest in getting you out of this mess? Simply this…

26 Years Of Tax Resolution Know-How

Over 2,000 cases successfully resolved - You’'re getting me, a consummate specialist on your side. My reputation is built on resolving even the most difficult cases in my client's favor.

Insider's Knowledge of IRS Tactics 

Yes, I was once an IRS agent. Believe me, no one knows
better how to represent you against them than me - someone from the inside who's mastered every one of their tricks and schemes.

Master's Degree in Taxation

Tax law is almost insanely complex. With an in-depth understanding of even the most complicated and vexing tax issues, my intricate knowledge of IRS tax law assures your case will be properly handled, managed & resolved.

Knowledge Constantly Updated

Tax law is constantly changing. Besides having a Master's Degree in Taxation, every year I take forty hours of continuing professional education - making certain I have the latest & most up to date information in helping my clients keep what's rightfully theirs.

3 Points Guaranteeing You'll Be Totally Satisfied

  1. You WILL get a favorable outcome to your tax situation, or you get a complete refund of your investment - plus $100,

  2. Property seizures, garnishments or levies WILL STOP, or won't even happen in the first place,

  3. You WILL enjoy the lowest professional fees available - or get a refund of the difference if you find one that's less.
" wife Elizabeth...
wanted me to write..."
"Dear Bill, Barbara, Staff, I just wanted to inform you that on September 1st my wife Elizabeth passed away, as I had mentioned before she had cancer of the pancreas. However she wanted me to write to say how grateful she was to have such dedicated people to help us with our tax situation, as I do. We thank you for your prayer's and professionalism in dealing with this matter."

Edward W.

Three Important Intangibles

1.Trustworthiness: Starting with me, you can depend upon EVERY member of my staff in handling your case with care, consideration and confidentiality. (Please read the testimonials on this site).

2. Personal Hands-On Attention: I personally manage your case throughout the entire process. No exceptions - no excuses: If you have a concern, I'm the one who'll be answering your questions.

3.Company Longevity: I've been fighting and beating the IRS and helping clients just like yourself since March 1990.

Add everything up and you have The McConnaughy Difference. 

Honest,responsible and skilled tax resolution services at a cost anyone can afford.


Call me, toll free (888) 225-1272 for a free, confidential consultation.  Tell me your story.  And find out how I can get the IRS off your back.

Why do it now? Because the IRS Tax Collectors aren't going away by themselves, and every day you wait is another day worrying about how to end this problem once and for all.


William D McConnaughy, CPA
Tax Negotiation Professional
Admitted to Practice Before the IRS

P.S. In my 26 years, I've seen almost every tax case imaginable. I've also seen how theIRS browbeats and intimidates the very people paying their salaries - you!

Your tax assessment may not be fair, it may not be right, it may not even be correct, but…the IRS couldn't care less! Isn't it time you started fighting back?

Here's my toll free number again: (888) 225-1272

Call now!

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